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“We Are Water” poster design and exhibition graphics


Silkscreen poster and exhibition materials for Wang Ping’s “We Are Water” at The Soap Factory.

“We Are Water” is an exhibition built around artist Wang Ping’s Kinship of Rivers, a project that finds (and creates) connections between the major rivers of her two homelands—the Yangtze River in China and the Mississippi in the US.  

Our design was a response to all of the elements that were in play—Ping’s writing, prayer flags from the Kinship of Rivers project, and the waterways that connect the people of this planet.

Waterways image

Waterways image

One of the biggest components of Kinship is the creation of “river flags.” Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, participants in Wang’s workshops make flags with poetry and art about the rivers. The results of these workshops are then installed at locations halfway across the world with Mississippi flags displayed on the Yangtze and vice versa. MVA partner Joshua Hardisty was struck by an image of a flag installation in the Himalayas where the flags’s shadows looked like a network of water-ways. Hardisty manipulated the original photo to create a photo-illustration that gives a sense of our global interconnectedness.



The classical book typography was inspired by Wang’s work as a poet. We also had a desire to create a poster that would be visually “softer” than our usual work for The Soap Factory with the hope that it would be more inviting to a broader audience.