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Vote poster, 2012

Vote poster, 2012



Written and designed by mvajoshua for Poster Offensive 6 (the Twin Cities non-partisan celebration of political posters that happens every presidential election year). Designed after a Target pill bottle (which was likely designed after Swiss pharmaceuticals of the 1960s). it explains the pros and potential cons of voting.

Full text:

Helps to support the development of a healthy democracy 

Active Ingredients:
Democratic Participation
Civic Duty 


  • Intended for the development of a government that benefits the greatest number of citizens possible while respecting the autonomy of individuals 
  • May temporarily relieve discomfort* associated with: 
    • geopolitical conflicts social and cultural upheaval global economics
    • A symoblic gesture
    *May also exacerbate or cause discomfort


Use once every 2–4 years, on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. You will have approximately 12 hours to use your vote. 

To make sure your vote is taken within the effective window, you will need to be able to answer the following: 

  • Where is your polling place?
  • When does it open? 
  • What are the identification requirements? 


Panacea Effect: Your vote is not to be considered a cure-all for the nation’s ills. Once in office an elected official will deal with a host of barriers ranging from opposing parties to economic disruptions and black swan events. If you are unable to comprehend this it is advised that you familiarize yourself with the nation’s history or find a job that requires you to complete long-term projects with a team. This will help you better understand real-world conditions for working with other people. 

Short-term thinking: It is advised that you maintain a long-term view of your vote and avoid reactionary anybody-but-the-incumbent voting. If a candidate is up for re-election, look beyond the statistics of the past 4 months and instead take into account overall vision, policies and long-term trends. 

It may help to review how a candidate’s party typically governs when in office in order to anticipate how your candidate may act if elected.

“I was walking around my backyard and every idea I had for a poster was just negative and nasty. Finally I had the thought that I wished people didn’t think a vote was a miracle drug. I was able to twist that negative idea into something more optimistic but still realist.”—mvajoshua


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Bonus material

Here’s a slideshow of our initial graphic research into 1960s Swiss pharmaceutical graphics. In the end, the design was 87% modeled after a bottle of Target brand ibuprofen.