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The Remixer

A non-conceptual (or, in other words visual) approach that uses one of our existing designs as a starting point for a new project. The Remixer embraces the idea of style but retains the emphasis on method which is core to how we work. The working process is similar to The Producer except that we start with an image rather than a project.

This process is inspired by a common “problem” in design: a client asks for “exactly what you did for [ insert project/client name ].” The designer always says, “Well, that was the result of a specific context and need” which while true doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. We’re quite interested in revisiting aesthetic ideas but we don’t the existing project to become a set of handcuffs or to simply recreate the design. The Remixer is designed to narrow the field of exploration while still respecting the stages of the creative process.

Examples: coming soon



You identify a project in our portfolio that captures what you want visually.


First we break down the visual DNA of the design first and create a list that outlines what is happening with the piece in terms of typography, color palette, illustration, over-all tone. 

From that list we do visual research to create moodboards around the various attributes.


This document is to help you see what aspects of the design are actually of interest to you. Just the act of choosing some and rejecting others ensures that final result is fundamentally different from the piece that got your attention.


We’ll then start to make things based on the edited Research Deck. The nature of how we work here will be determined by what you to reacted in the research. We may end up exploring photography or image-making and then work that material into a finished design or we might just design the actual deliverable at this point.

What constitutes refinement varies from one project to the next. Sometimes its just picking a design option and reviewing it for typos and in another we may do a deep dive and generate more work based on a chosen direction.