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“Stassen Again” book cover design


Artwork for a biography of perennial presidential candidate Harold E. Stassen.

From the publisher MN Historical Society Press: “A new investigation of the meteoric rise, lifetime of achievements, and unique persona of “boy wonder” and perennial candidate Harold E. Stassen.

In ten unsuccessful runs at the U.S. presidency, Harold E. Stassen became infamous as a perennial candidate. But his lifetime of achievements, now mostly forgotten, demonstrate his contributions to Minnesota’s political evolution, to international cooperation, and to world peace, as well as his importance to American history. It’s time to consider Stassen, again.”

Most of our exploration for this biography was focused on the idea of showing Harold Stassen as more than just a perennial candidate by trying to show the breadth of his achievements. But in the end, it was a piece an old campaign pin that provided the final design (which we liked so much we put it on the back cover). We designed a pastiche that made exaggerated the double-meaning of the title. Creative Director: Dan Leary at MN Historical Society Press.