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Insights Design Concepts

Insights Design Concepts

Objective: Develop visual concepts based on Insights from research 


  1. Kill any idea too surreal. If the concept requires you to be sitting next to a poster with an explanation its too surreal or insider-y.

  2. Revisit each Insight and expand it to 10 written concepts (so you’ll have a total of 30–50 depending on how many Insights you killed for being too esoteric).

  3. Look for the 20 best concepts.

  4. Make a gut reaction sketch of a poster (or a series of posters, like 1 for each movie if it makes sense) with the following content:
    • Film Fest Title
    • Tagline
    • Date
    • Movies (how you display this is context-driven)
    • URL

    The sketch should be extremely rough and you can use hand-writing to indicate fonts

  5. Conduct visual research on things that you think matter. It could be how to represent something, illustration styles, type styles, film stills, whatever.

  6. Re-sketch any concepts that would benefit from the visual research (i.e., you found something in your research that would make the sketch stronger/faster/better).

  7. Scan or photograph your sketches and put them into your presentation deck along with any relevant visual research for each concept (we don’t need to see all your visual research—just what is relevant to a specific content).

References: Minimum Viable Product and Sketching

Due: Wednesday, 2/27