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Never redesign a Joy Division record

Should student real world portfolio projects be based be on obscure subjects? MCAD Graphic Design Certificate faculty-member Joshua Hardisty thinks so and explains why he assigns Japanese noise records for “real-world” projects rather than shared cultural touch points.


A collection of vlogs made especially for first time creative educators.


Episode 1: Fail on your own merits

Always default to making up your own assignments.

Episode 2: Know the context

Before assigning a project its important to fully grasp what you hope students will get out of it. Otherwise it's too easy to lose the plot altogether.

Episode 3: No expectations, no attachments

The fastest route to burnout is the false belief that the students should be some other group of better/faster/stronger/smarter people.

Episode 4: the lost video

Episode 5: Act with agency

Episode 6: Appeal to self-interest

If you want your students to do their work show them how its relevant.

Episode 7: Imposter Syndrome

Everyone feels out of their element when they step in front of a class for the first time. Here’s some thoughts on dealing with it.