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Resonating Bodies poster design


Silkscreen poster and mailer designed for a group exhibition at The Soap Factory.

The Soap Factory is a contemporary art center in Minneapolis dedicated to showing emerging artists. The traditional way to design for a gallery is to find a compelling photogenic image and tastefully lay some type over it. With The Soap Factory however we were encouraged to develop promotional materials that were not based off the artists’ images but to instead offer perspective on the exhibition.

Resonating Bodies was a group show of installation artists curated by Shannon Stratton. Every artist had at least 2 existing professional relationships with other artists in the exhibition. We created an infographic for each artist that illustrates these relationships and also acts as a visual anchor to draw the viewer into the work.

Artists Infographics

Artists Infographics

The main visual for the poster is an infographic framing each artist’s name which simply creates a bold, geometric statement. On further examination, though, each shape, color and pattern indicates an exhibition location, a work context, and a collaboration.

Infographic Key

Infographic Key

A key to decipher the graphic backgrounds is located at the bottom of the poster. Using this you can figure out who collaborated with whom, where and what the nature of their collaboration was. This key transforms the poster into something besides an advertisement like a piece of content.