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Research Phase 1

Research Phase 1

Objective: Learn as much as you can about the subject matter. We are defining research broadly as “reading, watching, and listening to materials” related to your chosen films, genres, and other relevant areas of interest. At this point you don’t need to be looking at other graphic design as research (though posters for your movies might be a good avenue to explore)

Research methodology:

  1. Have a plan for how you will capture your research. Will you just take pictures of everything with your phone? Do you use notebooks? Or are you an Evernote junkie? Resolve this quickly so that as soon as you begin to do your research in earnest you are able to document it.

  2. Capture links and sources for everything! Don’t think that you’ll remember to get it later.

  3. Similar to our genre ideation it would be a good idea to write down everything you currently think about your micro-genre and chosen movies. This list will provide keywords to Google if you get stuck or bored.

  4. Watch the films and make note of anything that is interesting to you: quotes, images or events. Feel free to take pictures directly off the screen (or screengrab them).

  5. Conduct web-searches: Wikipedia pages and movie reviews are great places to start. Another avenue might be things like “Name-Of-Movie Interview” to find actors or crew talking about the movies.

  6. Memes based on scenes from your films might be a good default area to research.

  7. Follow any tangents that come up: artists or other movies that were an influence, etc.

  8. Don’t question whether anything is relevant (beforehand), its fine to skim something and decide that it doesn’t matter but capture the link anyway.

  9. Don’t concern yourself with what you think about the research yet. Just do the research itself. Analysis comes later.


  1. Your job isn’t to share your research with us (since we don’t have to time to absorb it anyway) so much as to tell the story of your research to us: What did you look at, read and listen to? What thoughts of your own did you grab? This might be the first slide or two.

  2. Pull out highlights for us. What stuff excites you or piques your interest? Hint: if nothing excites you, do more research or lower your standards for getting excited.

Due: Wednesday, 2/13