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Vast Aire (MVA X Landland poster)

Vast Aire (MVA X Landland poster)


Whenever Dan from Landland and mvajoshua get together weirdness ensues. The thing is that when they work together Joshua always thinks Dan’s craft and perfectionism is going to rub off on him and Dan thinks its time to go way off the grid.

Before starting this poster, Joshua made some geometric VAST AIRE type and then they improvised by each drawing the event information as well as “cosmic, Vast Aire-sorta stuff” and then layering the drawings.

Landland sold out of these years ago, and we just found out that we had doubles for our archive so we’re putting 6 up for sale.

18 x 24” 3-color print on French 100# Construction cover stock. Signed and numbered.

Paper Color:
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