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Sic Alps (MVA X Landland collaboration) poster

Sic Alps (MVA X Landland collaboration) poster


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“You know what would be cooler than 1 poster? 2 posters. Or, like, a set of conjoined twin posters. One isn’t complete without the other.” 

Collaborative poster by mvajoshua and Dan Black of Landland.

18 x 24” 5-color screenprint on 100# French cover stock. Signed and numbered

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A strangely beautiful or off-puttingly aesthetic poster from the third mind of The MVA’s Joshua Hardisty and Dan Black of Landland. Joshua designed 3 options based on the Modernist intersection of scalps, half-circles, geometric lay-outs, post-its® and sans serif Letraset™ type for Mr. Black to choose from but instead he jammed two of them together to make this thoroughly difficult to frame poster. 

Bonus: Fool your visiting friends with the following bit of trivia. When they ask what the poster is about (and they will), inform them that the foreheads are a reference to the fact that Sic Alps got their name from mishearing someone say “scalps”. You’ll be lying but its not like this is gonna be on Snopes or anything. Feel a twinge of conspiracy every time they explain the poster to another visitor.

Technical details? 24 x 16" 5-color screenprint on French 100# cover stock. Edition of 70, signed and numbered. Printed at Landland. Ships rolled in a cardboard tube.