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R.U.R. exhibition poster

R.U.R. exhibition poster


A big “Swiss” statement and an answer to the question, “How can a designer show their hand in their own work?”.

Using mouse-tracking software we recorded every time we worked on this project (those really big black circles? That’s from the cursor sitting in one place while I looked through paper swatch books or sent emails related to the project) to create an image that documents the posters own creation.

18 x 24” 3-color screenprint, signed and numbered edition of 100.

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One of the common thread of the artists exhibited in “R.U.R”. (Rossom’s Universal Robots) was the act of showing the artist’s hand in their work. When making something with your hands this isn’t too difficult but for a graphic designer who will almost certainly make something digital it becomes harder. We made list after list of ways that we could embody that in the graphic design but this was perhaps the simplest, most elegant way to do so.

The end result was a series of painter-ly images that were then composited into one final image. Because most of the work shown at The Soap Factory is site-specific we have a rule that the exhibition materials cannot show a piece of art (plus, we don’t like the idea of favoring one artist) and instead should express something about the show. What’s funny to us is that we inadvertently created a poster that looks like a traditional museum poster but the art shown is not by any of the artists and isn’t intended to be art but good-old fashioned communications design.

Some things work out that like.

This is one the best things we’ve ever designed and I’m proud to be able to offer a very limited number of signed prints to sell.