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Fall Creativity Workshops at MCAD

I’m teaching another run of “Design Innovation Series” workshops on unlocking creativity. It’s through MCAD Continuing Education and you’ll be able to find more information as well as register for classes there.

I’ve been reworking and adapting these workshops over the last 3 years. If you took the original START workshop back in 2016, its a totally different animal now (and I apologize for that first one!). There’s much more activity and less emphasis on lecture. For the fall sessions I’m going to push into creating more interaction and connection between participants.

This is a set of 3 one-night workshops covering aspects of creative and professional development for designers. Each class is $35 or you can register for all 3 for $80.

Start–A Class in Productive Creativity

Tuesday, September 17

Starting a new creative project is scary. There is no shortage of excuses (many quite reasonable) as to why you shouldn’t start something today—not enough free time; you haven’t researched it thoroughly, you don’t have time, the new season of Game of Thrones finally came in; you don’t have the right tools, or you can’t afford the right tools. Or, maybe, you don’t have a good enough idea yet. For those brave enough to start there’s another problem: you’re terrible. You might be having fun but you’re frustrated by the fact that you’re not as good as you’d like to be.

Start is one part guide to a pragmatic approach to creative work, one part philosophy on being an artist, and one part antidote to creative block. Students will learn how to start and maintain an art practice that is excuse-proof while getting past creative block. Throughout the evening, the instructor will guide participants through writing and photography exercises designed to expand creative vision.

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This video captures the lecture portion of START in 2017. Each session is reworked to build on the previous so the fall class will have a shorter lecture than this.

Decode Your Working Style

Tuesday, October 15

Creative block, self-doubt, and procrastination are often seen as temporary obstacles, but what if they’re actually symptoms of a larger problem? This class begins with the idea that when an artist’s working methods are out of sync with their beliefs, the above problems are not only a symptom, they are an expected outcome. In this one-night workshop, students will examine the stumbling blocks in their creative process, identify when and how they work best (and produce their best work), and see how to get their creative methods and beliefs about creativity in alignment with each other.

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Stealing from Start-ups—Marketing Strategy Workshop

Tuesday, November 12

How does a traditional design studio use Silicon Valley ideas like growth hacking and lean development to make posters for art exhibitions? What is Product/Market Fit and how does an art school teacher use it to plan assignments?

Stealing from Start-Ups is a one-night crash course in understanding the principles behind Silicon Valley buzzwords like growth hacking and minimum viable products and the ramifications they have for creative entrepreneurs who choose to apply them. This isn’t a class in best practices for social media; it’s an introduction to an entirely new way of marketing—one that is defined by its emphasis on low budgets, measurable goals, and fast execution.

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Some Stealing from Start-Ups slides: