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New Advanced Design Seminar class in Minneapolis

Open Studio: Advanced Design is a course to help working graphic and visual designers step out of their day-to-day routines and work on a new or existing project. Students will get the most of what an MCAD class can offer—great facilities including book-binding equipment, banner printers, and Riso printing, consistent feedback and accountability and new perspectives on your creative work.

From the course description:

“Every designer hits a point where they need to do something to shake up their practice a bit, whether its as simple as making a new project outside of their day job or as grand as examining and reworking their creative process. But it can be hard to figure out what to do next especially without external feedback and milestones.

In this class, you’ll work with an experienced design educator to propose a project based on your needs, design a plan for working on it, and meet weekly for group critiques and 1-on-1 meetings. MCAD’s amazing print facilities (including banner printing, bindery, and Risograph printing at affordable prices) and computer labs will help you make your project a reality and guest lecturers will bring their unique viewpoints to the classroom for intimate conversations on design, working, and process. ”

The class will meet on Thursday, 6:30–9:30 for 8 weeks starting September 26. Tuition is $328. Register here.

Read on for information about the structure and expectations.

From Joshua:

What will you specifically do in this class? Well, there’s a few way to approach it:

  1. Take an existing project that you haven’t been able to work on (whether because of time, lack of feedback, or lack of facilities) and finish it.

  2. Develop a new project based on current needs (i.e., do you need new portfolio pieces or is it really important to make something just for you?).

  3. Investigate the design process with the outcome being less important than trying something new.

Sound simple enough, right?

Experience with previous iterations of this class tells me there’s some situations that I need to anticipate: a lot of you will know that you need to make something but are not sure what; others will have a clearly defined project but the same reasons for delaying it will continue to haunt it even as we develop a plan and deadlines; and, lastly, accountability is not a cure for creative block, paralysis by analysis, or wanting to do everything under the sun.

To address that I’ve structured the timeline around the phases of the conventional design process with the theory part of each class being a deep dive into each of the phases: Research, Analysis, Ideation, Sketching, Prototyping and Execution (in addition to weekly feedback, discussion and visiting critics).

In the first class I’m also going to introduce 4 alternatives to the conventional design process. I think this will aid some students in getting to a successful close of a project while others may find a methodology that better suits their interests as a designer. If you’ve taken any of my 1-night design workshops like Design Portfolio Expansion or Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, or the Bedno Diagram workshop at the AIGA Design Camp this might be the place to put the theory into action.

Sound good? Sign up here.

You will never see Joshua at a night class without coffee in his hands.

You will never see Joshua at a night class without coffee in his hands.

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