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Halifax playlist cover

I don’t tend to start many projects with an end in mind (anymore) which actually makes the Halifax projects more fun. It’s one of the few things I go into with a concrete idea of where I want to end up: abstract, symmetrical, garish and as Dan Black puts it “90s Interscope vibe.”

Even still, once I start pushing things around there’s surprises to be had. This graphic is for a Halifax-curated playlist of Unsane songs so I wanted to make sure it had echoes of that band’s blood-themed covers but still abstract.


i just looked through my archive of #abstraktion pictures and found this which was originally a photo of purple glitter paint. This image actually came out of one of my “art triggers” that happens when my kids paint. Once they’re done I swoop in and use all their leftover paint. I just play with it using different techniques and materials. If nothing cool comes out of it then I try and photograph it. If nothing comes out of that? Well, at least I had fun.*


Anyway, this image worked beautifully. The glitter added some grit texture to the flow of the paint. When it smears across that stretched Futura type it’s just too perfect. I mean, this looks like it should be an Unsane record.

*Incidentally this same trigger process led to the image on the cover of the Halifax demo (which was originally used on a concept for the Josh Harmony EP and then repurposed for an adidas project that never happened).