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Open-Sourcing my semester

Last semester I ran into a big problem: I was teaching a hands on class without a lot of demonstration. I’d show up, critique work and coach students through to the next phase. I had almost nothing in the way of prepared content: no briefs, no slide lectures, really all I had was a syllabus and a timeline.

For students who made it to every class this was fine but if you missed more than one class, especially a class where I was doing guided process work, you were kind of screwed. You could catch up but you’d never be as caught up as your classmates. By the semester’s end I felt pretty bad about it.

This semester is a big one and I can’t afford for any students to lose momentum so I’m trying to capture EVERYTHING. I’m bringing tripods to class every day in order to document all the lectures, and making sure there’s handouts and up-to-the-moment accurate information. Since I’m going through the effort I’ve decided to open it up to anyone to check out. In theory, you could actually do the assignment and follow along.

You can poke around here (link is also in the website footer). Its definitely a work-in-progress and Squarespace is really not built for this micro-site thing I’m trying to do but enjoy.