The MVA Studio creates original and effective graphic design through fast and easy collaboration.


Take a class with Namdev Hardisty or Zachary Keenan through MCAD Continuing Education. Here’s our current offerings:

Experimental Image-Making

It’s time to make something new. Photocopy, scan, photograph, trace, light, cut, layer, make prints with your car’s tires, freeze a sculpture in a container of milk. Whatever you can think of.

Illustrated Typography

This class is for both creative professionals and hobbyists who want to explore ways to bring the energy and expression of illustration to their typographic work. Methods will include both hand-rendered lettering techniques and computer-aided production.

Introduction to Typography

It's one thing to make a message legible—clear to another person and beautifully typeset (meaning how the letters have been arranged)—but quite another to render that message so that it has emotional and aesthetic qualities. The ability to do so is grounded in a thorough understanding of the history of typography. In this class, students will learn how to do just that. They will explore the development of typography and then apply what they've discovered to an engaging series of assignments and projects.

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There’s 2 other ways to work with The MVA in education:

Using successes from the classroom we develop custom workshops for student groups, agencies and in-house design studios.

Artist’s Talks & Lectures 
In addition to the traditional artist’s talk that focuses on process and ideation, we are able to craft custom talks for non-design audiences.

To book us for a workshop or talk or to get more information contact us.