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All the talks and lectures from Advanced Project Studio in order that they happened  (work-in-progress)

A little first day of class motivation/solid life skills pep talk for my Advanced Project Studio class at Minneapolis College of Art + Design. Topics include contributing to the vibe, the Do Not Disturb mode, forget about your portfolio, only worry about the current problem, and the need to Get Your S**t Together.
This is an in-class ideation workshop to help students invent new micro-genres of film for a project called Fictive Film Festival (brief here: The first few minutes is @mvajoshua introducing the project, then he digs into various strategies for ideation ranging from the braindump to Thinking Really Hard to using simple prompts as a foolproof concept-generating method.
A 2-for-1 design lecture: the meta theme is how I use the presentation deck as a way to edit my work and help me better understand it. To do that I show the design process for making the artwork for Josh Harmony & Co.'s "Easy Answer" EP (
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"Minimum Viable Project" (MVP) is a form of beta-testing from Lean Development but applying the idea to creative work like graphic design can yield positive results for multiple aspects of your work.