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Fictive Film Fest kick-off and genre ideation

Fictive Film Fest kick-off and genre ideation

Project description

Define a new genre of movies, program a 1-day film festival that showcases that genre and design all aspects of the from naming to marketing to the live experience itself.


Design Toolkit
Posters and advertising
Social Media
Environmental graphics
Event program
Staff shirts
Film bumpers


  1. Read this guide for ideation on this stage

  2. Brainstorm concepts for new genres of film

  3. Watch a few movies to see if the connections are as strong as you thought

  4. Refine concepts as you see fit

  5. Capture ideas for other movies you might include

  6. Capture names for your festival

genre parameters

  • Genre can not be the explicitly obvious (examples:. The Quentin Tarantino Film Festival or Movies With Meryl Streep)

  • Genre may not be an existing micro-genre (1970s conspiracy thrillers, Queer Film of the 1990s).
    Hint: If there’s a category for it on Netflix then you can’t use it

  • Look for threads between things that would connect disparate films

deadline 1/30
Deliverable: Create a simple screen presentation with 3–5 potential genres

Each genre should include the following:

  1. A list of movies that would be shown

  2. Existing cover art, posters (or images) for each movie

  3. Three potential names for the event