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Fictive Film Fest deliverables + timeline

Fictive Film Fest deliverables + timeline

Define a new genre of movies, program a 1-day film festival and design all aspects of it from naming to marketing to the event experience itself.


  • Design Toolkit

  • Posters and advertising

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Environmental graphics

  • Tickets

  • Merchandise

  • Event program

  • Staff shirts

  • Film bumpers


Class Outlines (all deadlines are Wednesdays):

M 1/23
Kick-off: Everything

M 2/4
Lecture on creative decks
Kick-off: Presentation Design

W 2/6
Due: Genre concepts + Names
Kick-off: Research 1

M 2/11
Lecture: Research Insights
Portfolio Reviews: Group 1

W 2/13
Due: Research 1 (using new deck format)
Kick-off: Research 2—Insights

M 2/18
Lecture: Minimum Viable Product
Portfolio Reviews: Group 2

W 2/20
Due: Research 2—Insights
Kick-off: Ideation 1—Concepts

M 2/25
Lecture: Bedno Diagrams

W 2/27
Due: Ideation 1—Concepts
Kick-off: Ideation 2—Bedno Matrix

M 3/4
Worktime / Q&A

W 3/6
Due: Ideation 2—Bedno Matrix
Kick-off: Refined Concepts

M 3/11
Desk crits / Work time (for refined concepts or MPR)

W 3/13
Due: Refined Concepts
Kick-off: Final Concept

M 3/18
No Class—Spring Break

W 3/20
No Class—Spring Break

M 3/25
Mid-Program Reviews dry run

W 3/27
Due: Final Concept
Kick-off: Final Concept revisions / Design Toolkit

M 4/1

W 4/3
Due: Final Concept revisions / Design Toolkit

M 4/8
Mid-Program Reviews

W 4/10
Due: Tickets/ Program RD1

W 4/17
Due: Posters / Program RD2

M 4/22
Guest: Amy Fastenau on Environmental Graphics

W 4/24
Due: Social Media / Advertising OR Shirts / Merch

M 4/29

W 5/1
Environmental graphics / Website RD1

M 5/6

W 5/8
Environmental graphics / Website RD2

M 5/13
Final Crit: Everything due / File Drop