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Research Phase 2—Insights

Research Phase 2—Insights

Objective: Identify through-lines (ideas that connect the films), metaphors or strategies for talking about your films, micro-genre or the film festival itself. We’re referring to these ideas as “insights”—a thesis or strategy upon which we can build design concepts.


  1. Review your raw research and identify anything that is already an Insight, i.e., “In these films, a car is the sidekick to the main character” or “These movies are each defined by one major color”. You’re going after the low-hanging fruit basically.

  2. Go through the research and look for additional through-lines between the films. “In each of these movies, the danger of the animal is radically exaggerated in relationship to reality”, “All of these movies have a death as a major plot element.” You don’t have to overthink it or “try”. Just look at what you have and think about how its connected.

  3. Once you’ve identified as much of these insights as you are able then go through the list and pick out your 5 favorites.

  4. Develop 3 visual concepts for each of these 5 insights. A sentence or two is sufficient. If you can’t think of any concepts for an insight, kill it and replace it with something else from your list.


  1. Add these to your presentation. 1–2 pages to highlight the insight, any visual proof of it (if relevant) and your 3 concepts should be fine.

  2. Make it look good (i.e., clear).

    Due: Wednesday, 2/20