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Fine Arts Forum poster series

Screenprinted and spraypainted posters for an artists lecture series at Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Designed and printed by Joshua in 2003 and available for the first time.


The concept behind these posters was to draw out the connections between each artist’s use of nature by turning the poster into an abstract landscape—mountains along the bottom, a half-tone tree canopy, and clouds to hold information (and a giant use of the Logger font to make a visual anchor).

The posters were also performative. They were printed, hung, pulled down, reprinted, and hung again througout the semester.


Poster One: Randy Bolton lecture. 3-color screenprint on white drawing paper. Incidentally the worst screenprint we’ve ever pulled so we only kept two copies.


Poster Two: Jim Melchert. The first posters were pulled down after the first lecture. The previous lecture info was spray-painted over and the new information was added along with some additional drawing into the clouds.


Poster 3: Dorothy Gill Barnes. Same modification process as poster two but these posters also have the additional richness of more tack holes and tape.

Fine Arts Forum poster series
from 18.00

24 x 18” 3–5 color screenprint with 2–3 layers of spraypaint. Each poster is unique and due to layering or how many times it was reused may have tape or tack holes. That said, we’re only offering the ones that we believe are suitable for hanging.

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