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Design MVP — Round 1

Objective: Begin to edit your ideation and validate your favorite concepts


  1. Review all the concepts you’ve included in presentations thus far.

  2. Find the strongest 10. How do we define strongest? They’re ones that seem like they’ll do the content justice, the ones that seem like they’ll get people’s attention, they don’t require an artist’s statement to get them, and you’d be excited to work on it.

  3. Now you need to edit down to 5. My first suggestion would be to kill anything that requires an unreasonable amount of formal investigation to pull off a technique—say, more than 3 hours—or that requires you to venture into the technological unknown. Now is not the time to learn studio lighting for elaborate photo shoots. Think about it this way: would you hire a photographer for your project that had no idea how to achieve the results you wanted? Hell no.

  4. For those 5 concepts, produce a digital* MVP of a poster or poster series.

    This should include:
    Festival Title
    Subtitle (if necessary)
    Movies (if necessary. Probably necessary.)
    Dates (if necessary)
    URL or Call-to-action (CTA)

  5. Try to distribute your time evenly between concepts. If you don’t like one—don’t work on it for hours thinking it will change. Kill it and grab #6 from your edit of 10. Remember these should be rough. Real content in a rough form. Do NOT do the thing of focusing solely on some visual aspect only to have it be ruined by the content. Keep it real.

* The reason that I want you to do digital is because the gap between a sketch and execution might be beyond your reach and a lay-out may be better proof of concept.

Due: Wednesday, 3/13