The MVA Studio creates original and effective graphic design through fast and easy collaboration.

The “Demo” Design Package


Fast turnaround cover artwork packages for aspiring musicians

If you’re starting out and just want to get your music out there then the “Demo” is the place to start. You need something that looks “real”, is well-crafted, and most importantly affordable. You get an original type-only cover for use on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and anywhere else that you might want to put your music.

You’ll get 3 distinct designs to choose from. Every Demo cover is designed from scratch by The MVA. We don’t use templates, we don’t copy other designers’ work, and we’re not outsourcing the design to Fiverr or interns. It’s us working on it, doing what we love.

The best part? You’ll get your artwork in under a day.*

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Demo Standard


A cover design to use on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and pretty much everyone else

A cover design, as well as t-shirt graphic and assets to promote your project on social media


Starts at $295*

Starts at $395*


  • 3 solid type-only options to choose from

  • One round of color revisions

  • Free last-minute proof to catch typos

  • Delivery of a JPG and PNG suitable for digital platforms within a day

  • 3 solid type-only options to choose from

  • One round of color revisions

  • Assets to promote your release on social medias

  • Merch design and booklet on how to get your stuff produced

  • Delivery of a JPG and PNG suitable for digital platforms within a day

Packages for physical releases

Demo Tape Standard

Demo Tape PLUS

Full design for a tape, CD, or vinyl project as well artwork for digital

Full design for a tape, CD, or vinyl project, digital cover, t-shirt graphic and assets to promote your project on social media


Starts at $395*

Starts at $495*


  • Includes everything from the Demo Standard

  • One round of revisions to layout

  • Press-ready PDFs built to your printer’s specifications

  • Delivery within 2 days

  • Includes everything from the Demo PLUS: cover art, t-shirt design, digital promo assets

  • Includes everything from the Demo Tape Standard package

  • Delivery within 2 days

*Dependent on the number of projects we’re currently working on, and our overall project pipeline. We’ll give you a time estimate before we start to ensure that you know exactly when to expect your artwork.

*Prices are based upon usage and expected media impressions. Listed prices are for artists whose follower count doesn’t exceed 10,000 on any one of the following: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, have less than 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and whose streams are under 20,000 plays for any one song. Click here to view pricing (coming soon) for artists whose followers, listeners or streams exceed those amounts.


I need this today. Do you have rush pricing?

Yes. (coming soon)

This is awesome but is there any way to get a discount?

Actually, yes. If you choose a cover design and approve it without color revisions, we’ll immediately refund you 10%.

Can I give you a photo or piece of artwork to use?

Not with this package. If you want to us to incorporate imagery then you might want to consider The Single package [coming soon] (but be warned: if we think the options with image suck then we won’t let you have them).

Can you copy this cool album cover that I found on the internet?

No, but what we can do is explore design in a similar style as one potential idea while we’re designing your cover. But we can’t guarantee that we’ll show you that exploration if we determine it to be subpar in comparison to the other covers we create.

I really like that one thing you designed, can you make my cover like that?

We’ll explore that same style for you but we may decide not to let you have that design if we think its not good enough.

I like all 3 of the options—can I have them all?

Maybe. If you want to use all 3 of them to promote one release then we’ll need to talk about how to make the design coherent across all 3 and what the updates to the artwork will cost. If you want to use all 3 for separate releases then we’ll give you a quote for making the updates. But we will not just hand over all 3 designs without a solid rationale in place and an additional fee.

I’m hearing a lot of no’s here, I thought the customer was always right?

You thought wrong.

I have some tweaks to make to the design, can I have the original source files?

Yes but release of those files starts at $1000 and won’t include fonts. A better plan is to email us with an outline of what you’d like to change and we’ll send you a quote (that will be well under $1000) and an invoice. Once we receive payment we’ll make the revisions for you.

I’m actually putting out a 10-song LP but I like this pricing can I still purchase this package?

Yes. The product names are really about the level of investment you’re going to make not the format. Though if you’re pressing more than 500 copies of any one format then there will be a price adjustment.

How does the Demo differ in quality from your other packages?

The Demo is the same quality as the Single, the EP or LP. Your project gets our full attention and effort while we work on it. The difference between packages is the amount of time we spend on the artwork and the range of exploration that we can do. So the Demo is actually the first stage of the Single, we just stop before the image-making phase of the process.

I’m an indie artist—can I have a discount?

You might not believe this but you’re already getting one. But, scroll back up to the first question anyway.

It seems like you’re designing this really quickly, what’s the difference between the Demo and a cheaper option on Fiverr?

The differences between a fast turnaround MVA project and a Fiverr vendor:

  1. We guarantee that we start every project from zero—no templates from Photoshop mockup sites and no pre-designed covers. We start with a blank Illustrator file and the text that goes on your cover and then we hustle to make as much stuff as possible so that you get something cool. Why does this matter? There’s no risk of you browsing Spotify and seeing another artist with the exact same cover. We actually think there’s a good chance that we’re spending more time on this than a Fiverr vendor would.

  2. We’re expert typographers with 20 years of experience. We know that we can make a compelling piece of cover art with a font and a couple of hours of work. The average Fiverr designer is just not there yet.

  3. We’ve done the same things that you need done. We’ve released music on the web, put out records, made tapes and produced t-shirts. We know the ins and outs of media and production so not only do you get good original design but you cut down on mistakes at the backend.

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