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Bedno Ideation

Bedno Ideation

Objective: Generate another rich set of design concepts while utilizing a new creative process.


Review the first half of this PDF before you begin your ideation:

Methodology (this in the PDF as well with examples):

  1. List every word related to the project. You might start with big obvious buckets for each list (see PDF). For example the Crystal Ball Film Festival would generate 2 lists: “crystal ball” (hint: “crystal ball” should be an item on this list) and “film festival”. In addition, you may have found through-lines that further connect your movies during your research. In this example “crossing paths” might be a 3rd list.

  2. Review your lists for words that feel integral to your project. Choose 10.

  3. Conduct visual research by doing a Google image-search for each word. Grab both straight forward renditions and things that are interesting (this contradicts what I told you class). If a search isn’t particularly fruitful perhaps try a related search, i.e., for crystal balls also try “balls” (because you might find interesting formal or organizing ideas like shapes or piles).

  4. Organize your visual research into moodboards of pictures for each word.

  5. Create a Bedno Matrix with your words. If you have what feels like a random assortment of words then use the triangular design. Select the square format if you’re using 2 sets of symbols and use a different axis for each set (like Crystal Ball-related words along the top and those that relate to the Film Festival concept on the left).

    I would recommend adding at least one more elements to every matrix: “type-only”. This way you’re always thinking about how to make a typographic solution to the problem. A couple other ideas that could work in the same way would be “characters” and “movie titles”. In doing that I might up with a concept where the film fest title is represented by a half-tone pattern of crystal balls, a concept where there’s 5 crystal balls and they have each film’s main character in them, and a similar concept where each movie’s name is inside a crystal ball (its possible that I then might want to do more visual research to specifically look at type on balls, curved glass or through curved glass.

  6. Sketch the combinations in your Bedno matrix as posters (or a series if the context warrants it). Use the same content as Insights concepts:
    • Film Fest Title
    • Tagline
    • Date
    • Movies (how you display this is context-driven)
    • URL

    The sketch should be extremely rough and you can use hand-writing to indicate fonts

  7. Scan or photograph your sketches. Put all of them onto 1–2 pages then show us your favorite 10 concepts in a bit more detail (i.e., big picture + relevant visual research).

Due: Wednesday, 3/6

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